HHG Drums
Quality hand-made heirloom drums that will inspire you every time you play it!

At HHG drums, every build starts with the highest quality materials. For our stave and segment builds, we hand select and purchase only the finest domestic hardwood lumber, our exotic lumber is supplied to us by a specialty lumber dealer who is capable of getting the any exotic or specialty species from around the globe.

This lumber is then milled in-house from its rough cut form, to perfectly square, flat and true stock, ready to begin the process of becoming a drum. from here the lumber is machined with the highest level of precision into many segments that will join together flawlessly to create a drum shell.

The rough drum shell, or "blank," is then attached to a specialty wood lathe capable of spinning the drum at around 14000 rpm, while spinning, the shell is carved with specialty chisels, by hand, into a perfect cylindrical drum shell. This method is more time consuming and requires more skill, but it allows us to build amazing segmented and stave shell drums that other companies are incapable of creating.

We can take any idea for a drum you can dream up and make it a reality. Some of our coolest, most innovative, and beautiful drums have come directly from the minds of our customers. So feel free to dream big because, at HHG Drums, we can make it happen.

We pride ourselves on having excellent communication with our clients, so that both parties can come together to make ideas become reality. If you have a million questions, we'll answer all of them, the only thing that matters to us is that we build exactly what each client is after. If you don't know exactly what you want, that's ok too. We'll use our experience and knowledge to help you design a drum that's perfect for you.

The quality achieved through traditional woodworking techniques is unmatched to this day.When these techniques and sensibilities are combined with a deep and passionate knowledge of percussion, the end results are drums that draw you in and inspire you every time you pick up your sticks.

At HHG Drums, we strive for perfection. We build drums we would want to play because we're drummers too. Each drum is hand-crafted using a mixture of old-world techniques and cutting-edge equipment to produce instruments that meet the needs of today's drummers.

Every drum we build is made with the care and precision that can only come from small batch, custom built drums. Every detail matters to us- hand selected lumber, meticulously crafted shells, silky smooth bearing edges, flawless finishes, premium quality hardware