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Super-muff seamless copper Steel snare raw aluminum plate snare with brushed satin finish
Super-muff seamless copper
Our Price: $980.00
A classic copper snare drum, with unprecedented versatility Powerful steel sound with an 1/8" thick shell. Classic aluminum tone featuring our own hand-made aluminum shells.
Patina Blue Copper Pacman (or any custom graphic) snare HHG Handmade brass snare
Patina Blue Copper
Our Price: $1,190.00
HHG Handmade brass snare
Our Price: $1,280.00
A jaw-dropping patina work of art! Pacman snare! Choose, stave, metal, or ply shell! (Custom graphics also available) A thick-shell brass snare that will become you're #1 snare.
HHG cast B20 bronze snare drum HHG cast copper snare drum Juggernaut
HHG cast copper snare drum
Our Price: $2,800.00
Our Price: $4,200.00
The most prestigious drum we make. Cast B20 bronze The power of a cast shell, the grace and beauty of copper 45lbs. of precision machined steel power.
Carbon Steel and walnut Aluminum diamond plate kit
Carbon Steel and walnut
Our Price: $8,700.00
Aluminum diamond plate kit
Our Price: $16,000.00
The power of steel. The warmth of walnut. The quality of HHG Solid handmade aluminum 3mm diamond plate- the real deal.

This listing is for a 6 piece kit, 1 bass drum, 4 toms, and 1 snare- you pick the sizes. (Or 5 toms and 1 kick if you prefer) We will building this kit for you from scratch.

Your Choice of gold, black nickel, or chrome hardware. Your Choice Of the finish shown (distressed diamond plate), bright and shiny diamond plate, or semi gloss lacquer in any color from black to lime green. Totally your call.