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Oak over walnut kit

Oak over walnut kit

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Product Code: OK-WLN-KT

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After building drums for years some Trends have emerged. We've come to realize some of the species that we like the most for the instruments that we build. We took two of our very favorite species, Walnut and Oak and roll them into one beautifully expressive drum set.

this kit features a 13 ply bass drum with a core of black walnut and inner and outer Plies of red oak. The toms follow the same recipe but are a bit thinner at 10 ply.

we have found that Walnut produces a warm Woody tone with a bit of enhanced low end, and darkness. On the other hand, Oak tends to be very bright and articulate. The mixture of the two makes for a blend that cannot be beaten. It is punchy, warm, and most of all articulate. It will allow you to speak clearly through your instrument.

the hardware on this kit is simple, effective, and elegant. The lugs are a 1 in Black nickel over brass classic design. The kick drum features super heavy duty telescoping bass drum Spurs with three position detents. The floor tom features super sturdy 12.7 mm floor tom legs with memory locks for easy setup. The rack Tom has a suspension Mount to allow for the full tone of the drum to sing through, as well as a clamp for a 12.7 MM Tom arm and memory lock.

Each Tom has a single diecast air vent, and the kick drum features two air vents, situated discreetly behind situated discreetly behind the Spurs. All of the drums future antique silver diecast hhg badges.
the bass drum on this kit features fully rounded over baseball bat type edges. These edges allow for a huge amount of attack with a quick Decay. Perfect for getting a guttural, Punchy, subsonic low-end sound from your bass drum. The toms have a 45-degree inner cut with a roundover outer cut, which still allows for a punchy and expressive sound while adding a bit of warm, woody tone.
The finish on these drums is a custom tinted nitrocellulose lacquer that Fades from black to a dark walnut Brown and finally terminates in a clean, crisp stripe around the center of each from revealing the natural Oak color.
the inside of each shell as well as bearing edges have been treated with our proprietary mix of waxes and oils to help Preserve the wood of these drums keep them protected from any changes in the moisture. This also allows the bearing edges to seat more easily against the drum head while removing friction between the drumhead and she'll to facilitate easier tuning.
we put our heart and soul into designing and building the this kit. I hope was to create an instrument that would perform under all of the demanding situations modern musicians find themselves in. It has the volume and presents to power through any live performance, while also possessing the subtlety and Nuance required for even the most intricate of recording sessions. Was an absolute Joy to bring this kit to life, and it is our sincere hope that you will decide to make it a part of your musical toolkit as well
    • 22x16 bass
    • 12x8 rack tom
    • 16x16 floor tom
    • All super premium Hardware
    • All Black nickel hardware
    • black walnut and red oak 13 ply shells
    • Evans drumheads on all drums