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Sunburst stave snare drum

Sunburst stave snare drum

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We wanted to make a drum that had some nods to Vintage Aesthetics, while still maintaining a bit of a sexy Factor. This is what we came up with.

The drum in the pictures is a 13 by 8 size, over a maple shell. You can order this drum in whatever shell species and dimensions you would like.

We started with one of our handmade, high-quality Stave shells. Made from only the best hand-selected hardwood lumber. There's no Plies at all here, this drum is made from solid real wood.

The shell is approximately 3/8" thick, enough mass for a powerful and punchy attack, but thin enough to allow for warm, woody undertones, and a buttery smooth stick-feel.

The bearing edges are an inner cut 45-degree chamfer, and the outer cut is a smooth quarter inch roundover. The round over allows for excellent shell to head contact, as well as a nice warm, fat, round tone. Where the two cuts meet there is a mildly sharp Apex that allows for just the right amount of pleasant overtones, and crispy articulation.

The finish on this drum was something we've been wanting to do for a while, a classic Sunburst finish. It Winks at all of the beautiful guitars and drum sets of the 70s that were made with this finish . It's a dark jet black at the edges, which fade nicely into the black nickel Hoops, the center is of vibrant yellow tone, that Fades through Brown and red before reaching the black . The shell is finished on the entire inside of the drum and on the edges with our house Blended mix of waxes and oils.

This drum features a fairly deep and wide snare bed. this snare bed should prevent all unwanted snare buzz and give the snare wires a nice cushy pillow to sink down into the snare side head.

we very much hope that you consider purchasing this instrument. It was an absolute labor of love building it... And I look very forward to it living its life in the hands of somebody that will put it to good use.

  • Hardware
    This drum has 3.5 inch black nickel over brass tube lugs, vintage style strainer and diecast buttplate, 2.3 mm triple flanged hoops , a diecast air vent , and an antique silver diecast HHG badge. And finally, every single piece of hardware that touches the shell has a hand cut, top-grain leather washer between it and the shell. This drum also features 40 strand snare wires.