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Spalted sycamore stave snare

Spalted sycamore stave snare

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Product Code: SYC-SNR

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This listing is for a custom-made spalted Sycamore Stave snare drum.

The foundation for a great drum is the shell, and the foundation on this drum is rock-solid. It's made from rare spalted sycamore lumber, a species that can only be created by very a specific set of natural conditions. Basically a sycamore has die standing. If it falls to the ground, it will decompose too quickly. Standing after death, the woods slowly starts to dry, and also allow different species of fungus to grow inside the wood. This is where the distinct black patterning comes from in spalted Sycamore. As the tree stands, the fungus Works its way through some of the Grain lines in the wood, and ultimately when the wood is harvested at sawn into Lumber some of the fungus remains dried and preserved in the wood which leaves the beautiful black veins.

After finding some Stellar examples of this species we set about making a handcrafted Stave shell for this drum. This means that the shell is made from solid wood, not plywood like almost all other mass-produced drums.

The Stave shell was then finished with a super high gloss Natural to black burst lacquer finish.

Then the edges and snare beds were shaped to Perfection, featuring a 45-degree inside cut and quarter inch round over outside cut bearing Edge. This is the optimal bearing Edge for Stave shells because it allows maximum energy transfer from the batter head to the Shell providing a warm sounding drum with tons of punch and power.

Finally the drum was assembled high quality Chrome over brass tube lugs, 2.3 mm triple flange hoops, vintage style strainer, die-cast buttplate, die-cast antique silver hhg badge, die-cast air vent, 30 strand snare wires, and hand-cut leather washers everywhere a piece of Hardware touches the shell.

The drum pictured in this listing was custom-built for a client, and it's a 14x7. If you buy this drum today I will be building you one from scratch. This means that you can get it and whatever size you would like (no larger than 14x8, but anything in between 13x7, 12x7, 14x5 etc-etc...) also we could customize the color and hardware for you, for instance we could do it with all black Hardware and a purple burst. Your imagination is the limit!

This is a very unique and rare drum, and we only have a limited amount of this Lumber in stock. We hope that you will consider adding this instrument to Your Arsenal! This will be a great Workhorse snare drum for any musician.

Hear it in action!